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Founded in 2020, Crypto3 Capital is a crypto investment institution focusing on value investment. Based on proven investment logic and value investment philosophy, we strive to identify outstanding startups and potential areas to drive long-term development in the blockchain industry. Crypto3 Capital is highly interested in Infrastructure, Web3.0, NFT, DeFi and many other areas. To better support emerging projects, we launched the Crypto3 Capital Accelerator program, which aims to empower project growth and together we #buidl the Web3.0 world.

Crypto3 Capital invests in Cookie3

Crypto3 Capital invests in data analytics platform Cookie3


Crypto3 Capital has joined Zen Ventures Consortium

Crypto3 Capital has joined Zen Ventures Consortium as an official partner.


Crypto3 Capital joins the Blockchain Game Alliance.

Crypto3 Capital Joins Blockchain Game Alliance to Contribute to Blockchain Gaming


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